We Offer You:

  A Solution to your Debt  problem  
  Advice in accordance with the National credit Act  
  No additional costs for advice  
  Single monthly installment to pay all your creditors  
  Personalised solution in line with your personal financial position  
  Assistance during application for Debt Counseling and after care until you out of the debt review process  
  Mediation with all your creditors with regards to your outstanding credit balance & interest  
  Assistance with the identification possible reckless lending & unlawful provisions in your credit agreements  
  Monthly up to date progress reports on all your credit balances after distribution  


Questions & Answers

What is debt counseling?

Debt counseling allows a customer to restructure payment amounts and terms in order to help you increase your cash flow. It helps to pay of your debt in a responsible structure and affordable manner.

Who can act as a debt counselor?

Any person who has completed the NCRDC training coarse and must be registered with the NCR.

What is a debt counselor's job?

They act a mediator between the consumer and creditors.

What is debt administration? Only if your debt does not exceed R 50 000 you can be placed under administration.  Administration monthly cost is 12.5% of installment - Less money deducted from the capital amount. Distribution is once in 3 months to your creditors
What is Debt Counseling? No limit to the amount of the debt to be placed under debt counseling
Monthly cost of debt counseling is 5% of installment - More money paid to the capital amount.  Distribution to creditors is monthly
Is Debt counseling a payment holiday? No it is not, but for the first 60 working days after application you will enjoy protection under the National credit Act.
How much does it cost? Fees are fixed and prescribed by the NCR. - Max of R3000.00 per single application and max of R4000.00 per joint application
Is it a loan? No it not a loan
Will I be listed on the credit bureau? Yes you will be logged as being "under debt review" but will be removed as soon as you are out of the debt review process.
What if I have a judgment against me or received a summons? We can help you with all credit agreements where judgment has not yet been effected in terms of the national credit act.
Is the process handled Confidential? Yes absolutely
Can I take up new credit? Not while you are under debt review, only once you are out of debt review you may apply for credit again
Can creditors refuse my new restructured plan? Yes, then we will argue your financial position and affordability in the magistrate court.
Will creditors stop harassing me? Yes, once a debt counseling notice is issued to them, however should they still be harassing you refer them to your debt councilor.
How quickly can you help me? Immediately
Will it cover all my debts? Yes certainly.
How long does the process take? Until your debt has been paid off or until such time that you are able to afford to pay your normal installments to creditors again
When will I not qualify for debt review Only if you don't have an income or when after your monthly living expenses is accounted for and there are no money left for distribution to creditors.



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