We Offer You:

  A Solution to your Debt  problem  
  Advice in accordance with the National credit Act  
  No additional costs for advice  
  Single monthly installment to pay all your creditors  
  Personalised solution in line with your personal financial position  
  Assistance during application for Debt Counseling and after care until you out of the debt review process  
  Mediation with all your creditors with regards to your outstanding credit balance & interest  
  Assistance with the identification possible reckless lending & unlawful provisions in your credit agreements  
  Monthly up to date progress reports on all your credit balances after distribution  


Terms & Conditions

  1. Must earn an income to qualify for debt counseling

  2. Must pay the required Debt Councilors fees & legal fees in order to have your application processed

  3. Must pay your monthly distribution amount towards your creditors to avoid termination

  4. Must not enter into any new credit agreements whilst under debt review

  5. Must inform your Debt Councilor if your income changes

  6. Must ensure that all your creditors are listed as you cant place some credit agreements under Debt review and others not.

  7. If you married in community of property both must be placed under Debt review (joint Application)

  8. No luxury expenses may be allowed as living expenses such as : multi choice, dancing lessons fees, extra murals such as club fees, domestic worker unless the domestic worker is acting as baby sitter.

  9. If married out of community of property but a house that was bought is registered in both names, then both must be placed under debt review.

  10. Debt Counseling is not a payment holiday and as such your creditors must still be paid.


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